19 Google Play Store Alternatives

Google Play Store Alternatives

Why you need Google Play store Alternatives? Because there are several countries that ban Google and subsequently the Google Play Store. Additionally, there are countries which are able to use it, but they are limited to free apps and games.

You have simply developed an excellent Android app and you are prepared to generate money from
it. The most popular strategy is most likely to pay $25 to get it listed on Google Play. But, there are lots of Google Play Alternatives, each with their particular audience that can generate more downloads.

Many of these app stores are focused to a smaller audience whereas others tend to be more localized. The majority of them don't charge a fee for listing your app on their store. It can subsequently pay off to submit your app in many app stores.

Best Google Play Alternatives, Android app stores

Amazon Appstore for Android

The greatest profile alternative to Google Play certainly is the Amazon Appstore, and it is the standard location for Amazon’s Kindle series of tablets. It gives a significantly smaller variety of apps and games, but almost everything has approved Amazon’s quality control standards. It is truly polished as well as simple to use.

It is limited to the U.S. and a smattering of European nations right now (UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain).

GetJar (Google Play)
Getjar regarded the best Google Play alternatives and offers users a lot of apps to discover and enjoy. That’s only some though, Getjar is definitely a service having a deep history, This means the app is very well known and offers high-quality apps. The app store still uses their own currency different from Google Play.

Slide ME

At the best interfaces we come across on Play Store alternatives, Slide Me The website is built to enhance exploration and highlights the apps that are trending right now. With plenty of apps to select from, Slide Me is an excellent choice to the official app store.


F-Droid is just a variety of installable apps for the Android system. The thing that makes them distinct from the most common apps situated on the official Play Store is that they are FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) apps. This might not mean anything for normal people, except for those few who just like their stuff to be open source and also mod-able F-Droid is the perfect place to go.


CNET test and provide ratings to nearly every major app which generates a more curated offering. The possibility of receiving a fake or bogus app is less while making use of this Play Store alternative. The user interface is the same one we've used many occasions, but with the additional advantage of a search bar. However, there aren't many apps to be installed with this platform, it is far better than moving malware on your device.

1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market contains the biggest variety of Android apps and games you will find. With 800,000 apps available, this store is actually seeking to impress everyone.


This app store gives you the best and popular apps readily available for the Android platform. There's a lot of apps available too as the app store truly boasts on the leading page. With 440,519,508 downloads for 46,571 apps, this app store simply is highly favored by the crowd.


All of the apps on this store are scanned through antivirus prior to being published. This can be an ideal thing since most 3rd party Android app store alternatives don’t work with security and just want a lot more apps housed on their system. Yandex additionally carries a dedicated app which allows you to download apps straight to your Android device.


Get5 delivers a ton of apps and games to your Android device. Just download the app on your device and you are clearly ready to go. There are numerous games available for sale at Get5 and the majority of them are nice looking.


Appbrain is an extensive Android app store alternative. Like if you love an app but wish to know exactly what parts of your Android device it's going to be accessing, this store will provide that information easily.

LG Smart World

LG Smart World creates it to the list due to its awesome layout. The landing page oozes with excellence and so perform the apps. If you're an LG user, this alternate app store is really worth a visit. Even if you don’t have an LG Android device, this app store is certain to involve some excellent things for you.

Opera Mobile Store

Opera has existed the mobile world for several years and also can be reliable completely. Their web browser is excellent as well as their app store. Not a huge variety of apps and games is available, but all the major publishers are on board. Rest guaranteed you'll get good and secure apps that do precisely what they are meant to do.


For those who are looking to install apps that you have never discovered before, Mobango is the best of the Android app store choices. There are several awesome gems hanging out inside alternate App store and they also are awesome. we would probably recommend that you take a look at app store out for some really good quality mobile games.


AndroidPit might not have a lot of apps housed within their banner however the apps they certainly host are of good quality. The store inspections carefully for malware and malicious code in the apps and guarantees your Android device keeps reasonable. There are numerous popular apps easily available on the store and can be acquired quite well. You'll find nothing impressive about AndroidPit besides its capability to root out evil doers every day.

Samsung Apps

Similar to the app store on top, this one is created by a significant Android company. If you have Android, there's a pretty good possibility it is created by Samsung. The store includes limited range apps, making it an unfortunate display. In case you need some free goodies for your own Samsung Galaxy device, right here is the best spot to receive them.


AppsLib used to be the fastest developing Google Play Store alternative and yet someplace along the route it lost the energy. Still the app store holds an extraordinary number of 38,771 apps. You can find all the biggest apps like Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox, Office, Angry Birds etc. from the app. There are a variety extra if you download their devoted app in your Android device.


Appszoom will give you awesome apps. You should consider the home page and you will probably understand what app is likely to entertain you throughout the day. One of the benefits in regards to the app store is that it offers featured reviews about specific apps. For example, when viewing a featured app you'll clearly notice what creates it ideal in three slug points.


Soc.io is actually the smallest app store from the list with only 10,000 apps (plus games), however the store features a some great app store players such as Twitter, Cut the Rope, and Draw Something. Soc.io behaves the same as an e-book store.


Mobile9 is just one part social media, little app store. Mobile9 functions by motivating its users to share and find out the apps that people they know along with other M9ers are installing. Mobile9 sections downloadable content – including ringtones, wallpapers, and applications – by device models, but there is no quality assurance. Since people have to proceed with care on Mobile9 if they’re planning on downloading an app, we’d suggest submitting your app to the other alternative Android app stores stated previously before testing with Mobile9.


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